Who we are

My ELISA Kits is the sister website and is run and owned by Life Science Advanced Technologies Inc. Our company has specialized in enzyme production for over 50 years and has perfected our quality to the highest research laboratory standards. The distribution of ELISA Kits and Environmental test kits is the forefront focus of this website and the satisfaction of our customers is our priority.

While we are a branch of Life Science Inc. we still hold our ELISA and Environmental Kits standards to the same, high quality level as a parent company. Accuracy in our testing kits is essential in furthering the research of others as well as helping us to provide a seamless experience from those who choose to purchase from us. While we do not personally manufacture the kits that we sell we only work with the most trusted manufacturing companies who have given their word as to providing the same type of quality in their products that they themselves would wish to receive.

Our Company

Life Sciences Advanced Technologies continues to build on the well-established biochemical product line we have manufactured and distributed since 1962 and for over fifty years, Life Sciences Advanced Technologies, Inc. has been the world’s leading commercial producer of native AMV Reverse Transcriptase. Our company has since evolved into Life Sciences Advanced Technologies, Inc. by building on its existing product lines and continuing to strive for furthering biotechnology and research.

Our company is committed to providing quality enzymes and biochemical products with an emphasis on service, value and customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction with our products is our number one priority that we hold above all else.

We pride ourselves in striving to respond to your scientific needs with a sense of urgency and timeliness. Life Science Inc. has expanded our product line to meet the demands of the medical, scientific, environmental and research communities worldwide.

We are continuously collaborating with major pharmaceutical, biotechnology and research organizations to develop products that are impacting the global market. Specifically we have worked with companies, institutions, and individual research scientists to develop and improve products in PCR, isothermal amplification of nucleic acids, NASBA, enzyme modification, molecular biology, antigen detection and immunology.

About Our Products

Our primary products are test kits that uses specific antibodies and color change to identify an unknown substance, typically an antigen, in a substance. These tests are commonly performed as a diagnostic tool in medicine practice as well as quality control in various other industries that struggle with contamination. ELISA is a popular wet-lab type of analytic biochemistry assay  that uses solid phase enzymes to detect foreign presence in liquid samples. In companies where purity is a key component of their products, the ELISA kits can be an invaluable tool to success in early detection of unwanted contaminants.

Myelisakits provides 3 different categories of ELISA kits: Animal related contaminate kits, Medical and Diagnostic Products and Environmental Testing Kits. Kits are separated by intended target, or purpose, and are all purchased from highly qualified and reputable detection organizations. Currently are stock is mainly in animal related contaminate products as this is a major factor in research as well as product quality control for other companies who rely on ELISA Kits to assure the quality of their own merchandise is kept to the highest standards.

Please be advised that the products that myelisakits distributes are for research purposes only and at this time are not permitted for clinical usage.

If you have any questions or comments about the products sold by My ELISA Kits please feel free to contact us anytime and a service representative will be happy to answer any concerns you may have. Thank you for your interest in our company and our mission for research and development.

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