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Disclaimer: All Products are for research and development purposes only and are not authorized for clinical use. Thank you.

ELISA Kits, or enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, are test kits that uses specific antibodies and color change to identify an unknown substance, typically an antigen, in a substance. This is a common test performed as a diagnostic tool in medicine practice as well as quality control in various other industries. ELISA is a popular wet-lab type of analytic biochemistry assay  that uses solid phase enzymes to detect foreign presence in liquid samples. In companies where purity is a key component of their products, the ELISA kits can be an invaluable tool to success in early detection of unwanted contaminants.

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Welcome to, the sister website to My ELISA Kits is dedicated to distributing the highest quality and most accurate ELISA kits on the market to date. ELISA testing kits are not manufactured by Life Science Advanced Technologies, however, we only receive our inventory from well trusted suppliers whose first priority is customer satisfaction. Our company sells a large variety of antigen specific test kits that can be used in many different settings depending on your company’s needs. We also have a variety of Environmental Testing Kits (water quality, dissolved oxygen, E.coli, etc) available as well that we have taken years to perfect for simple and effective use. Please feel free to contact customer support if you have any further questions about the types of products we produce, or visit our company page to learn more about the history of Life Science Advanced Technologies, our main store.

*Disclaimer: Products for sale are for research and development use only. These products are not intended for clinical usage. Thank You for shopping with My ELISA Kits.

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