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Environmental Test Kits

Rapid enzimatic tests for determination of toxins in food, shellfish such as oysters, scallops, mussels and water samples.
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Diagnostics Test kits. Specialty test kits used for the rapid detection of bacteria and toxins in human, environmental, surface, food, and water samples.
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enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) Kits

Life Sciences Advanced Technologies produces our own ALV ELISA Kits

Avian Leukosis Viral Protein P27 Detection ELISA

This LSAT Avian Leukosis Viral Protein P27 Detection ELISA Kit (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is a 3 hour ELISA designed for the quantitative determination of Avian Leukosis Viral Protein P27.

  • Avian Leukosis Virus infection increases mortality in breeders and egg layers, because the weight loss and enlargement of liver.
  • LSAT is one of the few companies which manufactures the key kit components, antibodies and p27 standards in the world.
  • Our technical support team members are deeply involved in ELISA kit development and manufacturing, speaking 5 different languages.
  • With LSAT’s ALV enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits in your hatcher, you are ALV worry free.

ELISA Kit Shipping Information

At Life Sciences Advanced Technologies, we ship our enzymes at cryogenic temperatures using approved styrofoam containers and packed in dry ice to maintain the quality and integrity of the enzyme products. Our tests have shown that our high quality enzymes maintain their exceptionally high activity rate when shipped under these conditions.

Life Sciences Advanced Technologies uses FedEx overnight for all domestic orders.

Our products require dry ice for shipment. Currently all shipping is FREE anywhere in the continental United States and Canada.

International orders are shipped International Priority.

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Life Sciences Advanced Technologies is the first company in the world to commercially manufacture and distribute AMV Reverse Transcriptase.

Nucleic acid-modifying enzymes. Enzymes and reagent mixes for PCR, NASBA and other isothermal amplification procedures
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